Mile High Select is excited to announce its partnership with Krossover, the leading sports video analysis and statistics software company. Krossover is now the Official Video Breakdown, Analytics and Highlight Partner of Mile High Select Basketball Organization.

This partnership gives Mile High Select the ability to provide its teams with game film breakdown and statistics for every game. All the participating teams receive access to play-by-play video breakdown and team and player statistics, including shooting perectages, rebounds, direction strengths, fouls, and turnovers. Krossover also allows coaches to filter by possession, specific actions, and individual player efficiencies, giving teams the ability to effectively evaluate offensive and defensive actions.

As a result, the Mile High Select coaches and athletes will have cutting edge technology with accurate data to evaluate performance.  This wealth of data can potentially contribute to improving individual and team performance

Krossover provides unpresendented experience for our players to not only improve their play on the court, but to streamline the process when creating highlight films and marketing themselves to the collegiate coaches and programs.

Krossover, a New York City-based technology company, provides sophisticated data analytics to the sports world. With an intuitive online platform easily accessible by thousands of high school and college programs, Krossover enables coaches to use video to improve the success of their athletic programs by eliminating the time and financial impediments to managing their filmed content. With an estimated 95% of high school and college athletic programs now recording game video, Krossover is accelerating the use of indexed, on-demand video content and advanced analytics by programs of all sizes, visit for more information.